Coating Pipe

BAOLAI STEEL offers a wide range of protective coating and lining services. Some of the most common exterior coating services include FBE (fused epoxy), 2LPE, 3LPE, 2LPP, 3LPP, concrete weight coatings, insulation coated pipe, and galvanizing. Common types of linings are FBE (fused epoxy), liquid epoxy, and cement lining.

These coatings are widely used to protect steel pipes used in pipeline construction, steel reinforcement and various pipeline connections. The main applications are in the transportation of oil, gas and water. This coating protection helps prevent corrosion, which can lead to leaks, service interruptions, and even steel wall explosions. The pipe size range for these services is typically 1/8″ OD and above. Traditionally, this service is order specific. For further assistance, contact with BAOLAI STEEL.