Scaffolding is a temporary structure, stage, or elevated platform that serves to aid construction and maintenance projects at a height. With progress in the construction industry, and so many different styles of architecture, various types of scaffolding systems are in use. We have Ringlock Scaffolding and Frame Scaffolding.
Ringlock Scaffolding is a direct plug-in pipe scaffolding with self-lock function, it is the most popular scaffolding tools of the current construction market, it is also called Layher scaffolding, this scaffolding use Φ48*3.25mm、Q345B high tensile steel pipe as the main structure, the node points rosette plate is Φ122mm and 10mm thickness round plate with 8 holes pressed, then connected by 4 ledgers and 4 diagonal braces. Besides, it can be assembled with steel planks, transoms to form a fully functional Ringlock Scaffolding system.
Frame scaffolding is one of the most common types of scaffolding seen on construction sites worldwide. Typically manufactured from round tubing, the frame scaffolding is available in several different configurations, from a section that contains both a ladder and a walk-through portal to sections that are totally walk-through and sections that resemble a ladder.
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