LSAW (straight seam welding) and SSAW (spiral seam welding) are two variants of SAW (submerged arc welding) tubes. The submerged arc process produces a high current density, which prevents the flux layer from losing heat quickly and concentrating in the weld region.

The main difference between LSAW and SSAW tubing is the direction of the weld bead, which affects the ability to withstand pressure and ease of fabrication. LSAW is used for medium and high pressure services and SSAW for low pressure services. LSAW pipes have higher costs than SSAW.
Baolai Group Provide High Quality Control LSAW Steel Pipe in ASTM, API, JIS, GOST, EN Standard with API, JIS CE and ISO Certifications.
LSAW and SSAW Steel Pipes are usually for Oil and Gas, Water Pipeline, Piling Construction and more.
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