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ASTM A307 Bolts and Nuts of Highway Guardrail Wholesaler

Model ASTM A307
Ceritification ISO
Material Q235/ Q345
Package Bulk in cartons (25kg Max.)+wood Pallet
Advantage Corrosion resistant and easy to install
Surface Galvanized/PVC

ASTM A307 Bolts and Nuts of Highway Guardrail

1. Bolts: hex bolt, hex cap screw, heavy hex bolt, heavy hex structural bolt, carriage bolt, hex flange bolt, square nuts, plow bolt, step bolt, shoulder bolt, tower bolt, timber bolt, guardrail bolt, hex socket cap screw.

2. Nuts: hex nut, heavy hex nut, square nut,hex flange nut, hex nylon lock nut, slotted nut, eye nut, hex cap nut, caps nut.

3. Washers: flat washer/ plain washer, fender washer, taper bolt, square washer,
helical spring-lock washer, hardened steel washers, external / internal tooth lock washer

Example Size

Shape & Size
Bolts and Nuts
Offset Blocks
110 – 150 mm
5/8-11 X 1 1/4″ 5/8-11 X 2″
5/8-11 X 8″
4 – 5 mm
3 – 8 mm
40 – 460 mm

Guardrail Accessory- Bolts and Nuts

Bolts and Nuts Feature
1. Anti-rust and anti-weathering
2. Corrosion resistant
3. High durability
4. Long service life
5. Easy to install


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