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Eccentric Reducer Manufacturer

Model ASME B16.9
Certificate ISO
Material Alloy/ Stainless/ Carbon Steel
Type Seamless/ Welded/ Fabricated
Ends Socket/ Thread/ Beveled
Usage Oil/ Gas/ Pharmaceutical/ Food etc.
Surface Paint/ Galvanized/ Shot blasted/ Rust-proof

Eccentric Reducer

Inner circumferences of the nozzles at both ends of the eccentric reducer are generally used for horizontal liquid pipes.
When the tangent point of the nozzles of the eccentric reducer is upward, it becomes a top-level installation, and is generally used for the pump inlet to facilitate exhaust.
The tangent point is downward, it becomes the bottom flat installation, which is generally used for the installation of the regulating valve.

Example Seamless Size

Note: Some of the main specifications are shown below, please contact us for more details.
OD at Bevel
End to End
Big End
mm (in.)
Small End
mm (in.)
mm (in.)
3/4″ x 1/2″
26.7 (1.05)
21.3 (0.84)
38 (1.50)
1 1/2″ x 1/2″
48.3 (1.90)
21.3 (0.84)
64 (2.50)
2″ x 3/4″
60.3 (2.38)
26.7 (1.05)
76 (3.00)
34″ x 24″
864 (34.00)
610.0 (24.00)
610.0 (24.00)
48″ x 40″
1219 (48.00)
1016 (40.00)
711 (28.00)


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