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Galvanized Steel Sheet Plate Manufacturer

Model Steel plate
Standard JIS G3302 / ASTM A653M / EN10327 / DIN17162
Main Materials SGSS/ SGCD1/ SGCD2/ SGCD3/ SGC340/ TypeA, B, etc.
Thickness 0.20-6.0 mm
Width 600-1550mm

Galvanized steel plate

Galvanized Steel Sheet & Plates, are intended for use where greater corrosion protection is required without painting. A lower cost alternative to stainless steel, galvanized sheet and plates have a rust free protection for up to 30 years, while maintaining strength with a durable surface coating. We can hot dip virtually any size and quantity required for your welding or construction project.

Galvanized sheet / plate can be cut, machined or welded by common methods used for regular steel, but adequate ventilation should be used to avoid inhalation of fumes when heated. Sheared edges are not galvanized and can be treated with a cold galvanizing paint to maintain protection if desired. 1/4″ to 1/2″ plates may have a 3/4″ hole present in two corners from the dipping process. All dimensions are before the galvanizing process.

Application of GI Steel Sheet

The product is characterised by high strength, low temperature toughness and high heat input welding to meet customer requirements such as complexity and diversity of quality in the lighter weight trend of ships in recent years. Mostly used for bulkheads, upper decks and hatch covers of tankers, bulk carriers, container ships and LNG carriers.

Pressure vessels
Due to the frequent use in high-pressure environments, the product has excellent heat and corrosion resistance. Mostly used in gas storage tanks, crude oil storage vessels, boilers, heat exchangers, power generation equipment, etc.

General / welded construction
The use of this product has expanded as structures have become larger and larger. It is mainly used in bridges, industrial machinery, buildings and marine structures.

As a steel with high strength and excellent low-temperature toughness or weldability, it is used for the production of pipelines such as steel pipes for high-volume transportation of crude oil and natural gas, oil casing and marine structural steel pipes.

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