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Grooved Reducer with Grooved, Threaded | UL, FM Certification

Model Grooved Reducer
Colour Ral 3000
Surface treatment Red coating/Painted
Material Ductile Iron
Certificate UL Listed / FM Approved

Grooved concentric reducer

Grooved Reducer is cone-shaped pipe fitting with groove connection, and it is used to join two pipes of different diameter at the same axis.

Firefighting Concentric Reducer mainly used to transport water or other liquids and to connect firefighting equipment together. Used to join two straight pieces in pipelines with a different diameter. It consists of a hollow cylindrical body with internal female thread. Based on the corresponding rules and standards, fire fittings must be painted red to make them distinct from other pipeline systems. It has good pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. It is UL listed, FM listed, and nationally recognized safety standards.


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