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Heavy Duty Steel Prop With Accessories, China Manufacturer

Model Heavy Duty Steel Prop
Outer Tube 60*2.0 mm
Inner Tube 48*2.0 mm
Wall Thickness 1.4-4mm
Min-Max Length 2000-3500 mm
Surface White/Orange/Reddish/Pink/Galvanized
Plate Flat Square Plate/ Flower type Plate
Usage Construction/ Concrete formwork/ Tunnel/ Airport

Heavy Duty Steel Prop

Steel prop structures are one of the main structural forms in civil engineering.
It is widely used in building construction, bridges, ports, mines and other constructions, especially in high-rise buildings, towering structures, long-span and sealed structures. A steel structure is a geometrically invariant system made of beams, columns, supports and other basic components made of profiled steel or steel plates, connected by welding or high-strength bolts, which can accept various effects.

Example size

Product Name
Heavy Duty Steel Prop
Outer Tube
60*2 mm
 Inner Tube
48*2 mm
Wall Thickness
1.4 – 4.0 mm
Screw Thread
60*3*195 mm
60*3*210 mm
60*3*220 mm
Adjustable Nut
Straight Handle/
90° Handle
0.45 KG
90° Handle
0.7 KG
Flat Square Plate
120*120*4 mm
Flower Type Plate
120*120*5 mm
G-Pin Hook
DN12/ DN14/ DN16
Flixed Pin
Chain Pin
Adjustable Length
600 – 1000mm/ 900-1500mm
1200-2000mm/ 1800-3100mm
2000-3500mm/ 2200-3900mm
2500-4500mm/ 3000-5000mm
White/ Orange/ Reddish/ Pink/ Galvanized


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