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Highway Guardrail Cap Manufacturer

Model Highway Guardrail Cap
Certification ISO
Standard ASTM A307
Materail Q235/ Q345
Surface Galvanized/PVC

Highway Guardrail Cap For Guard Rail On Highway

Guardrail end caps are pieces installed on the traffic-facing edge of guardrails to protect drivers who crash into them. Without properly functioning end caps, the sharp end of the guardrail could easily puncture the passenger compartment, injuring any occupants of the vehicle. The end cap is a complex piece of safety technology that accomplishes two tasks at once. First, as the accident occurs, there is a flat slot on the backside of the cap. The force of the car pushes the rail itself through the slot, flattening it out from a stiff metal structure into a more flexible ribbon that cannot pierce the vehicle. At the same time, a blade on the back of the cap uses the accident’s force to dislodge the rail from its support posts, making it easier to move and less likely to puncture the car.

Example Size

110 – 150 mm
4 – 5 mm

Guardrail Accessory- Cap

Highway Guardrail Cap
1. Anti-rust and anti-weathering
2. Corrosion resistant
3. High durability
4. Long service life
5. Easy to install


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