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Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Plate Exporter

Model Hot-Rolled Steel plate
Material Q235/ Q255/ Q275/ SS400/ A36/ SM400A/ St37-2, etc
Thickness 0.13-1.5mm
Width 600-1500mm
Processing Service Bending, Welding, Decoiling, Cutting, etc.

Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Plate

Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Plate is a flat plate of hot-rolled low carbon steel. Hot rolled steel is formed by a metal rolling process in which the steel is pressed at a temperature above its recrystallization threshold. This makes the steel easier to form and produces a product that is easier to work with.

Usage of Hot Rolled Steel Sheet

Hot rolled steel sheets are available in a wide range of grades, each with its own unique characteristics. Choosing the correct grade is therefore essential to produce a high quality end product in the most economical way.
BAOLAI can help customers to select the right grade for each application. We are also prepared to work with our customers by providing the best technical and production support.

Plating Finish
The hot rolled sheet (pickled) is coated with ol to prevent rusting. Lubricants used in the forming process may also remain on the surface. All such impurities and traces of impurities present on the surface must be removed prior to starting the planing operation.

Rust protection
In order to provide maximum protection against rust and at the same time promote degreasing, hot rolled sheets are treated lightly and evenly with a low viscosity oil that is easy to remove but still provides excellent protection against rust, as the sheets are or are lightly oiled, they may rust if exposed for a long time after lay-up.

The manufacture of a satisfactory end product depends to a large extent on the selection of a suitable welding method and the skills of the welder. The appropriate method should be determined according to the desired appearance and strength of the final product as well as economic considerations.

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