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K8.0 Response Upright Sprinkler Manufacturer

Model UL 199, NFPA 13
Certificate UL / FM
Feature K8.0 (K115), SR, upright
W. pressure 175 / 300 psi
O. pressure Min 7 psi
Surface Rough brass / chrome plated

8.0K-factor, Upright Sprinkler

8.0 K-factor, Upright Sprinklers described in this data sheet are quick response, standard coverage, designed for use in light or ordinary hazard, commercial occupancies such as banks, hotels and shopping malls.

Upright fire sprinklers spray water upward to a concave deflector, producing a dome-shaped spray pattern. They install deflector-up to cover specific areas and to prevent ice and debris from collecting in the head. Upright sprinklers are installed where obstructions interfere with coverage and in dry-pipe systems facing freezing temperatures.

Example Size

Note: Some of the main specifications are shown below, please contact us for more details.
Temperature Rating
Work Pressure
135°F (57°C)
175/ 300
155°F (68°C)
175/ 300
175°F (79°C)
175/ 300
200°F (93°C)
175/ 300
286°F (141°C)
175/ 300
360°F (182°C)
175/ 300

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