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Mechanical Tee with Grooved, Threaded Distributor

Model Mechanical Tee
Colour Ral3000
Surface Red coating/Painted
Certificate UL Listed / FM Approved

Mechanical Tee

Mechanical tees, as part of grooved piping systems, use gaskets secured by housings to attach a new line of pipe to an existing one. The mechanical force from the bolts and nuts combined with the gasket and lubricant creates a tight seal around a hole drilled into a run of pipe. This eliminates the need to cut or disassemble pipe, potentially reducing man-hours and materials costs for something like the installation of a simple branch line.

The components of a mechanical tee
Mechanical tees have the same basic parts as grooved couplings—nuts and bolts, housings, and gaskets. In grooved couplings, the gasket fits around the circumference of the two butted pipes, and the housing holds them together end-to-end. Read our previous blog for more information on grooved piping systems. In mechanical tees, the gasket fits around the circumference of a hole drilled perpendicular (on center-line) to a pipe. The housing and its hardware secure the outlet to the drilled hole.

Mechanical tees have the following components:

An upper housing, which accepts the gasket and has an outlet
A lower housing, which secures the upper housing to the pipe
A gasket for creating a seal
Bolts and nuts


Packing & Delivery

Bag, carton+wood pallet

Shipping by container or LCL

More than 1000 ton stock

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