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Stainless Steel Gate Valve with Hand Wheel, China Factory

Certification ISO
Size 2″-16″
Connection Flange
Pressure PN10/ PN16
Body DI/ WCB/ SS304/ SS316
Seat SS304
Operation Hand Wheel
Packing Wooden Box

Stainless Steel Gate Valve with Hand Wheel

Gate Valve with Hand Wheel is a gate valve with flange connection which use the hand wheel to control the disc for opening and closing.

A stainless steel gate valve is a type of gate valve which is made entirely of stainless steel material. A stainless steel gate valve is known for its high strength. With that high strength, these valves are suitable for high pressure and high-temperature applications. Stainless steel gate valves are also known to be made of tough bodies, more durable relative to other valves like ductile iron and cast iron valves. Stainless steel gate valves are also known for their corrosion resistance. A combination of corrosion resistance, high strength, and high toughness makes stainless steel gate valves very useful in all high-pressure applications. However, stainless steel gate valves are expensive because the machining of stainless steel is difficult to shape and takes a lot of energy.

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