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Things You Want to Know About Steel Coils

A coil is a finished sheet or strip that has been rolled or coiled so that the width of the sheet is greater than its thickness. Steel coils with a certain coating are weather-resistant, moisture-proof, and environmentally friendly. Depending on the desired result, coils are produced by different processes.

Hot-rolled steel coils are steel sheets rolled at high temperatures to make the steel easier to handle. Hot-rolled steel saves time and is less expensive to manufacture due to the simple and quick process.

Cold-rolled steel coils have a better finish and are more durable than hot-rolled steel. Cold rolling is the process by which steel is rolled at room temperature below its recrystallization temperature. Although cold rolled coil is superior to other coils, it is more difficult to handle due to its higher carbon content.

Galvanized steel coils are made using a hot-dip process in which the metal is dipped in zinc for a smooth finish. This coating is highly resistant to rust and prolongs the life of the steel coil.

Galvanized steel coils are produced by a hot-dip process similar to galvanized steel, in which the metal is dipped in a bath of zinc alloy and then heat-treated in-line. Galvanized steel is usually thinner and easier to evaluate than other processes.

Printed steel coil is a product that uses metal sheets as the base material, the surface is first coated with paint and ink and finally covered with plastic film (PVC, PE). The coating of the printed steel plate is composed of chemical plating – primer layer, pattern printing layer, and the coating layer. Topcoats and back coats are generally weather-resistant coatings, as well as coatings with special functions, such as antifouling, self-cleaning, high-temperature resistance, antistatic, bactericidal, anti-fingerprint, etc.

Steel Coil Industry and Application

Steel Coil is a versatile product that can be used in the following industries.


Household equipment


Put up

And more!

Steel Coil Storage

When working with steel products such as coil and angle iron, it is important to know how to store unused products safely in your warehouse. By storing them carefully, you can avoid the risk of these items tipping over and hitting people.

When the steel coil is stored, it can be placed flat on the ground or placed on a support frame. Once you’ve chosen, you’ll need to learn about the two most suitable storage systems.


With this system, you can stack the coils on top of each other, place a separator in between and stop when they reach a total height of 3.3m. People who choose to place materials vertically need to remember to stack them first from largest diameter to smallest diameter. Second, they should all form a centerline when stacked together.

Single Height

You have chosen to place coils individually side by side. This is the lowest-risk form of storage. All you need is to place a restraint on each item to keep it from rolling.


Some construction companies use horizontal stacking, but this is generally not recommended. It is ill-advised to use this system as the horizontal position makes the coils more prone to roll and drop than the other two previous methods. The risk of an item leaving the shelf increases if the surface of the item is improperly painted. Second, workers like you use incorrect bearing housings to wrap these materials together, or place the correct material incorrectly.

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