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Types of Fire Pumps and Why Are They Important?

Fire pumps are an important part of a building’s fire protection system, especially in high-rise buildings. In buildings with water levels of 400-500 feet or higher, fire pumps are critical in distributing water through the sprinkler system because the water pressure of the water mains and fire fighting equipment cannot be reached. Even in lower buildings, fire pumps are key to controlling fires.

Firefighting is a dangerous business, but without well-designed and professionally installed systems and pumps, it becomes even more dangerous, putting business assets and lives at greater risk.

How does a fire pump work?

The fire pump is an integral part of the fire sprinkler system because it supplies high-pressure water to the fire sprinkler system, thereby increasing the water flow rate.

As part of a fire sprinkler system, fire pumps receive water from groundwater supplies or tanks, lakes, or reservoirs and are powered by electricity or diesel fuel. The high pressure provided by the pump distributes the water through the sprinkler system and hose risers. Commonly used fire pump types include horizontal split, vertical split, vertical in-line, and vertical turbines.

Horizontal split fire pump

Horizontal split boxes are the fire pumps you will most often see. Although it requires a water source that is not part of the system itself, it is still easy to use. This means many fire suppliers prefer it. The components of the horizontal split box system are easy to reach and maintain. Individual components also vary in size, making it easier to replace them over time, depending on the needs of the system. Best of all, these systems will last for years and be durable enough to provide a reliable water supply at all times.

Vertical split fire pump

Vertical split fire pumps are similar to horizontal fire pumps. The difference is that since they are vertical, they take up much less floor space. This can be a valuable distinction, especially in small businesses that don’t have enough space to install all the necessary fire safety systems. A major benefit of this fire pump is that it protects the motor from flooding, simply because of the way it is built.

Vertical pipeline fire pump

Unlike split-type fire pumps, vertical in-line fire pumps are smaller. These are space savers and ideal for small businesses or other buildings that don’t have a lot of room to go. Although these units do not require special mounts to hold them in place, problems can arise whenever preventive maintenance is required. That’s because the entire fire pump system needs to be dismantled and dismantled.

Vertical turbine fire pump

No matter which of the other systems are installed, they all require positive suction to draw water from the source. This requirement does not apply to vertical turbine fire pumps. Conversely, a vertical turbine fire pump can use water drawn from a nearby well or tank. Water is moved to the top and then dispensed as necessary.

Jockey pump

A jockey pump, also known as a holding pump, is a small piece of equipment used with a fire pump as part of a fire sprinkler system. It’s designed to keep the pressure in the system at a specific level when it’s not in use so that the fire pump doesn’t have to run all the time and the system doesn’t shut down randomly. It can also help prevent system damage in the event of a fire and water rushing into the pipes.

Fire pump in the building

Fire pumps are critical fire and life safety equipment in many buildings. There are many requirements and elements to consider before installing any unit. Whether you need to install smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, or sprinkler systems in your commercial properties, the firefighter industry has you covered. If you would like to purchase a fire pump for your unit, please contact us. BAOLAI is a professional custom fire protection system manufacturer. Welcome to send us your requirements and we will provide you with professional fire protection system solutions.

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