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What is a Fire Pipe?

Fire pipes are the core components of fixed fire protection systems. Pipes transport and distribute extinguishing fluid (water, gas, foam solution, etc.) from the source to discharge devices installed in the protected area. The types of piping that can be used are specified by the installation standards for the fire protection system.

Typically, above-ground pipes are metal, carbon steel, and copper. Listed non-metallic pipes may also be installed where permitted by installation standards. Non-metallic pipes are CPVC and polypropylene for above-ground installations, and PVC and HDPE for underground installations. Different fire installation standards specify allowable carbon steel pipe manufacturing processes, dimensions, and dimensions.
Welded and seamless piping is accepted when manufactured to the following piping standards:

European standard

UNE EN 10255M, UNE EN 10216-1, UNE EN 10217-1.

ASME standard

ASTM A53, ASTM A795, ASTM A135, ASTM A106.

Advantages of carbon steel pipes for fire fighting

Carbon steel is developed when carbon is an alloying component with steel. It is made stronger and harder by adding carbon to the steel. Steel with more than 2% carbon is considered cast iron. Let’s take a look at some of its advantages, as well as some of the benefits of steel pipes for fire protection.


When replacement is not required, you are saving money. Other pipes depreciate faster than carbon steel. Also, keeping in mind the strength of carbon steel, the pipe can be thinner than other pipes, which means it has a greater load-carrying capacity than pipes of the same diameter. Additionally, these pipes can be easily bent and shaped to fit the specifications you need. Common fittings, valves, and other fittings are made of carbon steel.


As already mentioned in the paragraph above, the durability of carbon steel needs a category of its own. Carbon steel is great for building buildings or structures for a variety of reasons. The first is its incombustibility. Second, due to its strength, it is more resistant to natural disasters. Third, it is very shock resistant. These pipes are often used for water pipes laid under heavy traffic roads because of their impact resistance and durability. They are corrosion-resistant when working with water.


Steel, whether carbon or stainless, can be recycled, and most of it is. In fact, more steel is recycled than paper, plastic, and glass combined, with 70% of all steel used being recycled.

The above briefly introduce what fire pipes are and the advantages of carbon steel fire pipes. If you want to buy fire pipes, please contact us.

Baolai is a professional custom fire pipe manufacturer. Fire piping is usually made of carbon steel and is used to transfer water or other liquids from one fire fighting device to another. Due to special needs, the surface usually needs to be painted red or epoxy. We provide OEM service for products. Bora currently employs about 1,300 people, with 13 production lines, multiple processing lines, and 4 technologically advanced laboratories. Our annual production capacity is about 5 million tons and we export 150,000 tons per year to South and North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia and Southeast Asia.

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