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What is a Fire Protection Valves?

One of the latest developments in industrial tools to prevent fire is the introduction of fire safety valves. These valves are designed to prevent the spread of fire if the fuel valve is damaged or causes a leak.

A valve is a device that regulates, directs, or controls the flow of fluids by opening, closing, or partially blocking various passages. A valve is technically an accessory but is usually discussed separately. In an open valve, fluid flows from high pressure to low pressure. The simplest valve is just a freely hinged flap that descends to block the one-way flow but is pushed open by fluid flowing in the opposite direction. This ancient valve is called a check valve because it stops or “checks” flow in one direction. Modern valves regulate downstream pressure or flow and operate on complex automated systems.

Valves have industrial applications for controlling processes, and residential uses such as managing water flow to dishwashers and washing machines, and faucets in homes. They are found in nearly every industrial process, including mining, water, and wastewater treatment, power generation, food manufacturing, oil, gas, and petroleum processing, chemical and plastic manufacturing, and many others.

Fire protection valvesare thermally actuated spring-loaded valves. In the event of a fire, they automatically shut down and stop the flow of fuel. Fuel flow and reserve oil supply from the engine crankcase are obstructed, minimizing the chance of leaks.

Spring-loaded valves help keep fuels such as oil, gas, gasoline, and other combustibles out of flow, and can effectively prevent any damage. The benefits of using fire dampers in a system are protecting human life, reducing insurance rates, and protecting equipment and buildings.

It is because of these advantages that the use of these valves is highly recommended and appreciated. Today, many companies offer a wide variety of fire safety valves that provide protection even under high temperature and high-pressure conditions.

The working principle of fire protection valves

Fire protection valves are designed to keep flammable liquids away from flames. These valves close when heated, separating the flammable liquid from the heat source. They shut down when pipes overheat, caused by fire or similar events. The obligation to use fire safety valves is governed by any principles, regulations, and laws regarding unique methods, plants, pipes, or vessels.

Fire-rated ball valves use a combination of floating balls, graphite oil seals, and metal-to-metal seats to provide tight shutoff while preventing external stem leakage. Under normal operating conditions, the ball rests on both valve seats, ensuring an airtight closure. When the valve is exposed to temperatures above the extreme temperatures that the seat can withstand (for example, +450℉), the seat can deform and be squeezed. When the seat is completely damaged, the ball in the valve will rest firmly against the end cap, creating a metal-to-metal closure. Stem seals with high-temperature properties, along with a blowout-proof, anti-static stem, further limit leakage, keeping flammable fluid separate from heat sources that could ignite it.

Fire dampers may also consist of four main mechanisms: spring pack, trigger assembly, mounting hardware, and fuses. These components work together to close the valve if a fire is detected in the facility. Fuses are a critical part of the assembly. It keeps the valve open by triggering the assembly to maintain tension on the spring pack. In the event of a fire, once the fuse is heated to a certain high temperature, it disengages, releasing the spring pack and causing it to close the valve.

Fire protection valves with fusible connections have a primary anti-drip sealing seat, usually made of TFE, and a secondary seat made of metal for isolation in the event of a fire. The auxiliary seat also has graphite seals for further protection. This means that the globe valve can be paired with any quarter-turn ball, butterfly, or plug valve.

The above describes in detail what a fire safety valve is and how it works. If you want to buy a fire safety valve, please contact us. BAOLAI is a professional custom fire protection system manufacturer. Welcome to send us your requirements, we will provide you with professional fire protection system solutions.

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